Party Treats

Last night’s housewarming for Miss Sassy and Comic Book Fan was a roaring success, despite the weather. Canadians like to barbeque in the snow. It makes a robust comment about our ability to brave any meteorological shift, to power through even the most ornery of weather in our drive to roast meat over flame. We’re cool like that.

After we dined on Alberta beef sirloin and pork back ribs, which were fabulous, it was time for dessert. I was nervous about my gluten-free chocolate torte, since I’ve never made such a critter before, but it turned out well. I’ve opted to start calling it a “torte,” since it didn’t rise enough to call a cake. Actually, it did rise almost out of the pan, and then quickly collapsed once baking was complete. Oops. I suppose it’s because there’s nothing in there but butter, sugar, eggs, and loads of chocolate: in other words, all the necessities of life.

Fingers crossed.

I used parchment paper to mask a wee chocolate house before sifting icing sugar over top. I thought it was only appropriate for a house-warming party on a blizzardy day.

Squat, fudgy goodness.

We brought a tub of good vanilla ice cream and I made a strawberry and bing cherry coulis, so the torte went to its final resting place with nifty, colourful friends. My efforts got two thumbs up, which is good since this the kind of dessert I’ll likely make whenever Miss Sassy has an event.

Now, to go along with the fudge, partly to please those gluten loving folks among us, and also because The Electrician is (gasp) not a chocolate fan, I made a second dessert. It’s okay. Being in love with someone who doesn’t like your favourite treats means your secret stashes of sweets don’t mysteriously dwindle. Check out the coconut pecan tart I threw together. It was a springform pan kind of weekend, indeed.

Oh sweet Hannah. Delish.

I made a homemade shortbread crust, punctured the heck out of it with a fork to keep it flat, and then pre-baked it six minutes to keep it from getting soggy when the eggs hit the dough. I used sweetened shredded coconut and way too many handfuls of pecan pieces, then topped it with the same filling I use for butter tarts, plus a little extra lemon.

Miss Sassy's kitchen counter has excellent lighting for food photos. Real estate success!

I used more parchment paper in yesterday’s baking than in the whole year preceding it, which is exciting and makes me feel very fancy. Perhaps I’ll venture into more extravagant dessert building with greater frequency. After all, my baking stuff takes up a ton of room in my wee house, and all those pans and trays and fancy little gadgets need to start earning their keep.

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  1. carolrood says:

    Susan has not been feeling well. I think your torte may cheer her up. I will bake and give you a ping back. 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!!!

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