Mammal Mondays: Party Animals

Sherman was also invited to this weekend’s housewarming for Miss Sassy and Comic Book Fan. Bringing a border collie mix to a party is a bit of a tricky scenario, since the goal of any good herding dog is to keep a group together and move it along efficiently. The speckled one’s other main objective, licking as many people as possible kept him busy for the majority of the evening.

Sherm was also thrilled to be united with his buddy Odin, Comic Book Fan’s French Briard. Here he is after a few hours of playing with Sherman.

He is truly wiped. Border collies do that even to other dogs.

To give you an idea of the difference in energy levels between the two dogs, behold a photo of Sherman taken the same time.

Eleven fifteen and going strong!

To be fair, Odin is twice the size of my dog. I can see how playing for hours on end with someone so much more agile than he is would be exhausting. Odin is only three, but he’s a massive beastie, and I imagine hauling himself around all day is tiring enough on its own.

I know I have small hands, but sheesh that's a lot of dog.

Odin’s a gentle giant, and he’s the first French Briard I’ve ever known. He’s like Ferdinand the Bull, and he and Sherman together are a rather odd couple. Before long, while Odin napped on the unbelievably cool crimson sculpted carpet in Miss Sassy and Comic Book Fan’s new medieval castle (trust me, it really is) themed rec room, Sherman really cut loose.

A stolen stuffed toy: Odin is a generous soul.

We don’t have carpet in the dollhouse, and Sherman was a huge fan of the plushness below his feel, his belly, and everything else he could flop on it.

One shot of many spine massages Sherman helped himself to during the party.

Regular visitors are well aware Sherman is the ham’s ham. He was really playing it up last night.

All smiles from the party animal.
He partied 'til he could party no more: the world's shaggiest speed bump.

All involved had a lovely evening. Big fat thanks to Miss Sassy and Comic Book fan for making even the hairy and slobbery among us welcome in their new digs. Sherman seems quite disheartened by the lack of cushion in our hardwood floors today. I am quite certain he’ll be just fine, once he gets over it.

Welcome home, friends!

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  1. I love all of the dog pics. What personalities both dogs have! And I really want that plush red floor!

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