No, I’m Not Dead

I realized today that it’s been way too long since I wrote for Blue Speckled Pup. Oops. True, the last week and a bit has gotten away from me: part school, part life, and part last gasps of jet lag. If you missed me, thanks for the sentiment. If you thought I was deceased, I appreciate your concern–unless of course you were hoping I was dead: in that case, Leroy farts in your direction. I’m truly not trying to abandon my little blog; life just really piled it on this week.

It’s been a busy little weekend, even though nothing I did was of critical importance. I just finished basting the two huge pans of chicken with lemon, herbs, and mushrooms that are roasting away in the oven. Some members of the staff at my school have formed a lunch club, where a different person cooks for the group the last day of each week. Fridays are even better now, since I don’t have to pack a meal and I get a surprise at half-past twelve when I get to see what delicious things the colleague of the week hauled to school. I’m going to make some rice to go with this chicken, maybe even a risotto, because it makes its own fantastic sauce and begs to be spooned over some kind of starch. For dessert, I’m making a pecan coconut tart with a gluten-free shortbread crust. We have several people on staff who can’t eat wheat, so building the menu for my week has been challenging in a good way because it is forcing me to try new things in my little kitchen.

Pay no attention to the rubble in the bottom of my oven.

Colleagues who read my blog, please don’t be concerned. I am not going to serve five day-old chicken to you on the 27th. My plan is to cool the chicken completely, and fire it into the deep freeze until Thursday night. I know I won’t have time to make something this schmancy through the week, so this is my method of strategic cuisine. I’ll whoop the rice up Thursday as well as the tart, which will be a variation of the one I made for Miss Sassy and Comic Book Fan’s housewarming last weekend.

Mmmmm, chicken!

I also baked a blueberry custard pie in a graham crust for The Electrician. He’s wonderful and should have his favourite treats more often, but I’ve been so swamped with work this year that he’s been eating fewer goodies than I’d like to make for him. As progressive and liberal as I am, I still like to spend a little time in the kitchen, lookin’ after my man.

Not my thing, but it looks like purple goodness.

On top of all the cookery, Miss Sassy and I had dinner at the dollhouse and then went shopping Friday evening. The Electrician and I went for Korean barbeque and then to a movie Saturday night, after which I spent several hours searching the house for Leroy. Come on back tomorrow to find out where I found that hairy booger. Finally, Miss Sassy and I went to deep water aquasize, a.k.a. bobbin’ with the oldies, today before going out for cheap sushi. Jam-packed weekend here for this girl.

I have some work to accomplish for school tomorrow, and I just spent 45 minutes raking up crap in the yard. It’s true that I  needed to take care of the dead leaves and grass from last year that I didn’t get to in the fall, but I also literally raked up a heap of dog turds. I’ve been putting it off (and who wouldn’t) but I’m over halfway done now and I can finish up easily tomorrow after work.

There you have it folks, my very busy weekend where I accomplished a ton of stuff but didn’t get anywhere close to finished.  I’ll see you tomorrow for Mammal Mondays, and hopefully I’ll be writing more regularly this week.

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  1. Geez, that made me exhausted just reading it. You’re supposed to relax on the weekends, girl!

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