Leroy Becomes an Aquatic Life Form

We had a stressful afternoon in the dollhouse. When I got home from the pedicure my sweetie treated me to (along with a note encouraging me to relax and enjoy my summer, ironically) Leroy was lying in the kitchen in a lake of his own drool, with two big tusks of slobber dripping from his jaw. He was pretty drooly this morning and even a bit last night, and I didn’t think too much of it because he often gets a little drippy when he snuggles. The whole mucusy, dangling slobber business was clearly way beyond his normal precipitation levels, and he kept wandering listlessly to the water bowl, so I was immediately concerned. I knew something lodged in the throat could lead a cat to drool incessantly, so I leapt into action, even with my wet toenail lacquer.

A note to my fellow pet lovers: do not Google your pet’s symptoms in an attempt to be relieved. You will immediately get results related to horrible diseases–like tumours in the mouth and/or throat– that are basically impossible to treat and mean a suffering death for your pet. Call the vet. Just call the vet.

My vet is the greatest animal doctor in town and possibly in the whole world. I love her. The receptionist listened to my symptoms and placed my call on hold, during which time I listened to cheesy phone-line music and kept finding pools of cat saliva with my feet all over the house as I paced. I could tell where he’d napped most recently by the temperature of the various puddles. We were squeezed in on a Friday afternoon, despite a full schedule. Did I mention I love my vet? I would have taken poor Leroy to the emergency vet if I couldn’t see our doctor, I was that concerned, but I felt immediately better that we could go to our normal clinic and see our normal lovely people.

After our stressful wait in the reception area of our vet, where Leroy may have drowned in his kitty kennel if it wasn’t so thoroughly vented, the vet examined him. By this point, his face, his paws, and most of his chest were soaked with drool. He was pitiful and kept shaking his head and spattering my glasses. We found nothing in his mouth or in what was visible of his throat, and Leroy purred during the examination, even though he found parts rather undignified. Poor snuggly boy. Finding nothing with her normal person eyeballs, but noting Leroy had abdominal pain, our veterinarian ordered some x-rays of his tender midsection. If I could find a vet with x-ray vision, this whole thing would have been much faster, but I wouldn’t trade our doctor for any kind of superpower.

Leroy did seem a little confused when a technician in a lead apron carried him to the back room. Poor guy. I am quite sure he soaked the outer layer of that apron, too. I sat in the waiting room, trying not to think about worst-case scenarios, and praying he didn’t have some sort of nasty blockage in his kitty intestines. He does have an unfortunate taste for hair elastics, and I envisioned his poor tummy all stitched up after emergency hair elastic retrieval surgery. To add to my worries, he had to be x-rayed twice because he moved a bit during the first pictures and they weren’t clear. It felt like an eternity, and I froze in the highly air conditioned office.

The good news: Leroy’s x-rays did not reveal any blockage. I did, however, get to see the inside of my cat, complete with a tour of the spots where he contained poop, gas, and upcoming diarrhea at that moment in time. Wheee! All the doctor could confirm from the physical exam and from the x-rays was that Leroy had an irritated tummy. It seemed likely he had somehow eaten something (possibly a plant) that disagreed with him, and he was drooling because of his discomfort.

We were sent home with seven days of Xantac for cats. I laughed, since The Electrician takes that medication from time to time. Leroy has thirteen more little syringes full to choke down, and hopefully it will start helping him feel better soon. The bill was close to three hundred dollars; thankfully this is quite a bit cheaper than I anticipated, even if it’s still a bit of a kick to the proverbial teeth. (As a side bar and upcoming expense, he also has a bad tooth that will need to come out.) I am so relieved that nothing is wrong with him that can’t be fixed, and I’m oh so grateful our wonderful vet could see us on such short notice.

I’ve been at home with Leroy tonight because he needs supervision for a couple of days to make sure he doesn’t get worse or present with additional symptoms. Talk about a rip-roaring Friday night!

Leroy soaking up sympathy and leaking all over The Electrician.

It’s more of a drip-dropping Friday night, actually. I need to change his soggy laying on towel soon.

copyright 2012:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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  1. Jo Dee says:

    Poor Leroy. Do you have a new plant in the dollhouse? How are you going to figure out what irritated his tummy?

    Flopsy had to have a tooth out this week, and I’m giving her Gerber’s chicken & rice baby food because the vet (who is also the best vet we’ve ever been blessed to have) says she can’t have any dry food for 3 days.

    Hope Leroy feels better soon!

  2. Lynn says:

    Poor boy. 😦 Here’s to hoping Mr. Cuddles is not Mr. Puddles much longer. Lots of hugs to all in the dollhouse- it’s a scary thing when your pets take ill.

  3. Gosh, that must have been scary. You are right, though, in feeling like you got off fairly easy with the vet bill. We had a cat once (Miss Piggy) who ate an entire spool of thread. It wrapped itself around her digestive organs, and she had to have surgery to get it all unraveled. That cost a pretty penny.
    I hope Leroy is recovered and that he does not have repeat episode!

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