Mammal Tuesday: Leroy Goes to the Dentist

I realize I’m a day late with my regular Mammal Monday post, and I’m feeling like a bit of a blog loser these days because I have written so sporadically. Thanks to those who keep popping by to see if I’ve actually written something lately; I appreciate the silent support, even if my writing has been off-schedule. This married life business is full, I tell you.

At any rate, following our crazy weekend of one-thing-after-anotherness, I collapsed onto my couch and haven’t done squat beyond the necessities, like bathing and washing up the rest of the Thanksgiving dishes to fend off mould and roving bands of vicious fruit flies. I am fending off my annual fall virus, so Advil Cold and Sinus is my constant companion right now.

Enough whining. Sorry about that.

Today was a mammal errands day all around. I accidentally slept in and had nine minutes to get Leroy off to the vet for his scheduled dental work. I made it, wearing one of my husband’s lightly-worn shirts because it was handy. Not being allowed to feed the cat before the general anesthetic helped with my timeline. After dropping a purring kitty off with the vet he loves–seriously, she had to hold him over a sink with the water running to shut his purr down long enough to hear his heart–I swung back home to take Sherman to daycare. Early this afternoon I also had to take our foster dog, Quest, for her last round of vaccines. As soon as I got back to the dollhouse with Miss Quest, The Electrician and I had to venture out once again to retrieve our other mammals.

The good news? Leroy’s dental work was not as extensive as we anticipated. Originally, we scheduled a cleaning with at least one tooth extraction. I hate to tell you how much the horrid estimate was, but it (nearly) rhymes with freight blundered smallers. It’s not that Leroy’s health isn’t worth a painful bill on occasion, only that taking that hit on the first paycheque since June for me was shaping up to be rough on my budget.

I dropped in a couple times this week to feed a vacationing friend’s cat who needs soft food after her recent kitty dental surgery, so I guess the good cat karma has come back in my direction. The receptionist at our lovely vet’s office called when Leroy was in recovery to tell me he was a champ under the general anesthesia, and all that he still has all his original teeth. Apparently, what looked like tooth decay turned out to be “severe gingivitis” once all the crap was scaled off his chompers.

Never in my life did I think the phrase “severe gingivitis” would be a blessing.

In all, Leroy’s dental work was only 60% ish of the original estimate. A little something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Hooray.

Since the photos are awesome and my poor boy is utterly pathetic while the meds are working their way through his system, here is the embarrassing gallery of Leroy following his dental work. Don’t worry: he got wet food for dinner so he doesn’t give a rip how much I embarrass him on the internet today.

He staggered to the doorway between the kitchen and the hall, and decided it looked like a comfy place for a collapse.

Leroy isn’t exactly a rocket scientist on the best of days, but tonight he’s a space cadet. His poor pupils have the diameter of bowling balls, and he keeps startling himself by “rediscovering” his own body parts, like his left paw and his tail. Watching poor Leroy is better than anything on television tonight.

He chewed off his handsome blue bandage shortly after I snapped this photo. Apparently, he didn’t care how much it matched his eyes. 


He’s a little weary after his big day, and his meow is extra pathetic. Poor baby. 

Sorry the photos are a bit blurry. I had to snag them with zoom because Leroy was too overwhelmed by the presence of the camera when I got up close. He’s not particularly at his best right now, but his teeth are so shiny and they’re all still there.

Stay tuned for a tale of husbandly heroism tomorrow.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Dee says:

    Poor Leroy. He looks adorable, but teeth cleanings and coming off of drugs aren’t fun at the best of times. Glad the bill was less than anticipated, and that he didn’t have to have a tooth removed!

    1. Thanks Jo. We are so happy he has all his teeth still, and the costs are the least of it.

  2. Lynn says:

    Here’s hoping Leroy has fully recovered and is able to enjoy his shiny teeth. He is cute guy whether he’s drugged or not. 😀

    1. He is awfully cute, isn’t he. The drugged up look just adds to his appeal.
      We are pleased his breath has improved as well. Kitty kisses have become much more pleasant, too.

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