Ouch, Bah, and Seriously?

I know you wonderful people have been dropping by all week to read the latest news from the dollhouse, since I can see how many people stop by each day, and I can often see what brought new readers here, like web searches or links from other writers. Thanks for checking in with us, and my apologies for leaving you hanging since the most recent Mammal Monday.

A warning to the faint of heart or the squeamish males among you: this post deals with female bits. If you want to abort this mission here and swing by tomorrow for a charming story about the dog and cat, I understand.

A week ago today, it seems I ruptured an ovarian cyst. I’ve had cysts before, namely prior to my hysterectomy five years ago at age 25, and while I’m not all that alarmed about recent developments, I’m fed up with my pelvis right now. The last cyst that was on the radar, which was removed a the same time as my uterus if I remember accurately, was about the size of a ping pong ball and considered harmless, if annoying. Considering the amount of pain I was in with Augustine (may she rest in pieces) a cyst on my ovary was very small potatoes.

For the better part of a year now, I’ve been having weird pain in the general neighbourhood of my ovaries. I can’t describe entirely what it feels like, because it’s the oddest kind of ouch, but try to follow along as best you can. When I stand up (it seems) too fast, or when I do something else that requires twisting, or folding or unfolding my torso, I often get a sudden, very sharp “twang” in my very lower abdomen, usually on the right side. It hurts in a “wow” fashion for a moment, aches about ten more seconds, then disappears. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is a fingernail flick and 10 is a field amputation, I’d rate it a 5: not a crisis of suffering by any stretch, but definitely enough to capture my attention and make me forget all the other things in my brain for a few moments, rather like stubbing my toe. My movement is also impeded by the feeling, since part of the sensation involves something trying to stretch that doesn’t want to give. It almost feels like something in there is catching on something else.

This pain, as annoying as it is, is minor compared to the way I felt before my hysterectomy, so I’ve largely just dealt with it. I’m also mindful of the fact that there has been an extensive renovation of my pelvic organs, so there is probably some scarring in there that can cause me discomfort occasionally. I was planning to go get it checked out, which I know is going to involve one of those super-fun probe ultrasounds, over the summer, but my excellent family doctor packed up shop and moved to another city three hours away in June, so I’ve been in the limbo that comes from not having a regular GP. Most of my summer was also tied up in planning an elopement, so dealing with an ongoing medical annoyance was not at the top of my list.

Fast forward to Sunday, where I moved wrong and had a sudden, bright pain that lasted quite a while. At first, I figured it was just another of those nasty little twangs I’ve become kind of used to experiencing. I hurt pretty good for about an hour, surprisingly, and I was still aching when I woke up the next day. I also felt tender and heavy on my right side.

After school on Monday, through which I felt worse as the day wore on, I started calling all the GPs recommended to me by friends and colleagues. Not one was accepting new patients. I finally used a physician database for my region and called a clinic with a female doctor who was willing to see me Thursday.

I really expected the pain to dissipate as the days passed, but it hasn’t improved much, or consistently. My pain later in the day is more substantial than the mornings, since it’s fairly minor when I wake up. I am also feeling weakness in my leg on that side (I think because standing makes it hurt worse) and am actually now having cramping reminiscent of the days when I still owned a uterus. What the heck is going on here?

When I finally saw the new family doctor about my pain, and explained what has been going on for me this week, and in the past year-ish, she admitted there was really nothing they could do for me if I have, in fact, ruptured an ovarian cyst. Apparently, I need to wait it out and whatever has blown up in there will reabsorb in time. She suggested I give it a week and then have an ultrasound if there hasn’t been an improvement, and gave me the ultrasound requisition at my request rather than having me come back in a week for the paperwork like she wanted me to. I left feeling less confident about my situation than I did walking into that office.

Because the holiday season is upon us and most medical places will be shut down for ten days over Christmas, the earliest I can be seen for an ultrasound anywhere on my side of the city is nearly three weeks away. I’ve decided I’m going to keep the appointment for December 21 even if the pain has subsided because I would really like to know what the heck is going on in my innards. In the meantime, Advil and naproxen are my friends, and I’m trying to avoid aggravating my tender parts as much as I can.

Thanks for stopping by to visit me, and thanks for forgiving my silence over the past week. I was really hoping my lady-bit issues were put to rest by my hysterectomy, but it appears I put too much faith in my body’s willingness to behave.

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  1. lexy3587 says:

    ugh… I’ve had ovarian cysts rupture. NOT. FUN. Both involved numerous visits to the walkin clinic and then the emergency room, with threats of appendectomy. and even more winning when they tell you that there isn’t anything that can be done for the pain, once they’ve established that it is not, in fact, anything to do with your appendix. Hope you’re feeling better quickly, and that it isn’t anything more serious than a ruptured cyst.

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