Mammal Mondays: Happy Family Day

To my fellow Albertans, happy Family Day. At some point during my childhood, the Alberta government voted to make today a provincial holiday so families could spend time together, and possibly to break up the bleak stretch of winter between New Year’s Day and Easter. A Monday off during a month that’s traditionally punctuated by blizzards is a beautiful thing, and giving folks an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones is always a wise move.

I’ve been doing housework and grading papers all day, but my loved ones are here, so that sort of counts, right? Here’s an unstaged scene from our living room while I’m typing this holiday Monday post. That fine looking forearm belongs to my awesome husband, obviously. He was off today too, so I’ve had three whole days of enjoying his company.

Apparently, cats express affection by removing ear wax with their tongues.
Apparently, cats express affection by removing ear wax with their tongues.

Our home team, Sherman, Leroy, The Electrician, and me, isn’t necessarily a traditional set up, but we like what we’ve got going on. I’m grateful for my own hairy little family. We’re not rich and we’re not perfect, but we have an awful lot of love. We also have loose hair and dog farts in embarrassing quantities, but there’s a trade for everything.

Wherever you are in the wide world, I hope you have an opportunity today to tell your favourite mammals how much they mean to you. Happy family day to all the families everywhere.

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  1. Elita says:

    I find it interesting how such holidays come about, as I was looking up the background info on President’s Day. Personally, I think it’s much nicer to celebrate Family Day than to recognise the birthdays of dead presidents. 🙂

    1. I really like the premise of family day! There is no Presidents’ Day in Canada, but we do have a few holidays of rather dubious origin that I think should be renamed. Victoria Day, for example, is just a little outdated for me.

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