The Count Down (Officially) Begins

If we’re going to be honest, I’ve been quietly counting down since the day we gave Expedia all our fun money, but there are officially seven sleeps until The Electrician and I leave the barren wasteland of Alberta in March, bound for ten days in glorious Honolulu. We snagged an incredible deal through Expedia for our flights and airfare, which actually totaled about half of what I thought we’d have to spend. I’ve been sinking every spare dollar into my spending money fund, and planning great ways to spend it in paradise. Who says you can’t have fun on a budget?

Remember in August, when my love and I “ran off” and got married? We had the best little elopement I could have asked for, supported by our families on a perfect day in the Alberta Rockies. The only small flaw in our otherwise ideal wedding was the fact we tied the knot on a Friday and both returned to work three days later on the Monday. By the time it really sank in that we were married, I was buried under my start-up checklist for the new school year.

Here we are, married seven months tomorrow and a week away from our much-anticipated honeymoon. Wahoo! Mother Nature sent us a heaps of new in last three days; she also saw fit to dial back the thermostat twenty degrees, so we’ve suddenly gone from nearly-dry roads to drifts between lanes, and we’ve had to pull our long underwear back out of the basement. I was so excited because navigating our back alley has been like a scene from a Tolkien novel, except I struggle to dodge cars (some are even Dodges) that can’t pull completely onto their driveways while I’m tossed by the rutted ice (while watching for stray cats and hopping rabbits) instead of battling orcs on crumbling mountains and worrying about jewelry.

Over the last few weeks, though, the ruts have been getting shallower, and the sun has been glimmering with the hope of a change in seasons. It was almost enough to make a person believe spring was imminent. Then came this week’s heavy snowfall warning. We have a good foot of fresh powder, which is not nearly as exciting on a freeway as it is on a ski run. Suddenly, my inclination to day dream about our upcoming vacation here and there is building into a full-on obsession. I need to get away from this place!

I have ratcheted up the heat, donned one of my new tropically-appropriate tank tops, and put on some Elvis music. What I really wanted was to run out to Safeway for the makings of a virgin mai tai, but taking my life in my hands for the sake of a slushy drink seems a little foolish this close to our late-winter escape. I do not want to be on the beach in a full-body cast: imagine my tan lines! Instead, I’m enjoying a very cold water, eating a can of pineapple with a fork, and thinking about snorkeling.

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