Mammal Mondays: Just Us Chickens

As much as we enjoy having foster dogs in the dollhouse, for the last two weeks it’s only been me, The Electrician, and our own two mammals. Sherman and Leroy aren’t exactly “low maintenance,” but being home with two fully trained creatures is certainly less work than also keeping a foster dog in the house who is working on–among many things–learning to be an in-home companion and not eat things that don’t belong to her.

For the past two weeks, no one has had an “accident;” no one has jerked my arms out of their sockets; no one has dug vast pits in my back yard.  The screen in the back door has been replaced and is still flawlessly intact. Really, it’s pretty close to heaven, except Sherman still graces us with his horrid dog farts.

Snuggly boy. He's enjoying having me all to himself.
Snuggly boy. He’s enjoying having me all to himself. 

The other night, he let one go with such resonating waves that it woke him from a drowsy state and had him chasing something he could not see across the floor. We are so lucky to have such a classy dog.

After being foster parents to six different dogs over the past ten months, it’s certainly been strange to be all by our lonesome. We’re on a brief hiatus from house guests to catch our breath over the summer, and to spend some quality time with one another and with our families. That said, this time next week we will have a short-term foster dog staying with us while her regular foster family is away on holidays. I’m told this new little girl is an absolute doll, and we can’t wait to meet her.

In the meantime, we are appreciating the peace and quiet.

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