No More Rush Hour!

Since I started at my new job, I’m driving very little. The university is within walking distance from the dollhouse if I’m feeling ambitious, or the train I can ride for free as a staff member is halfway there. On the mornings I really, really don’t feel like a 40 minute walk to the office, or like a 20 minute walk to the train, the bus stop is a little over a block from my front door step. It’s a beautiful thing.

Really, the only time I have to drive in heavy traffic these days is Tuesday mornings, when I take Sherman to daycare, turn around, and come home to park and head out for the office. The route is currently under such heavy construction that half the lanes are closed, and it’s not a fun trip. Oh, the things I do for that mutt.

In my years as a regular school teacher, I had to drive to school and home again during rush hour. Every day started and ended with the stress of thick city traffic, which I truly hate, especially in winter. My issues with my hands are aggravated by driving, so the combination of travel and stress was not helping my healing process at all.

These days, I get to work on public transit or on my own two feet. I’m tracking my travels with the pedometer on my new iPod, and getting heaps of fresh air. Since starting the most recent phase of my career, I’m getting tons of exercise and have an opportunity to clear my head before and after my work day. I really appreciate the chance to relax on either side of my time in the office; it’s a change that’s so healthy for me on a variety of levels. As an added benefit, I’m doing good things for the environment by leaving my car at home. Wahoo!

Once again, I send my gratitude up to the powers that be for all the wonderful things that have happened in my life over the last few months. Life is getting better every day.

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  1. Jody says:

    Really glad that your new job has so many nice reasons that it is better for you!

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