Mammal Mondays: A Visit to the Vet

People joke all the time about how miserable it is to take their animals to the vet. I don’t know what happens in other people’s houses, but my animals are happy to go to the doctor. Leroy even forgives me for tricking him into his crate with chicken–because come on, it’s chicken–once we get to the vet’s office and the ladies at the front desk start cooing over him.

I have scheduled the last couple of annual vet trips for both cat and dog on the same day, because it seems to be really calming for Leroy to ride in the car with Sherman there too. Sherman heads out on the road with us regularly, so becoming motorized is no big deal for him, but poor Leroy only gets tucked into his kitty kennel when he’s headed for injections and a thermometer. This year we got lucky, and The Electrician was available to come along too, making it truly a family affair.

Saturday morning, bright but not early, we loaded the critters and headed out. Our vet is thankfully very close to home, so it was a short trip. The only other pets in the waiting room were an elderly black lab and a bunny named Harold who was blissfully enjoying a belly rub while waiting to see the doctor. Dr. Steele, our lovely, lovely vet, has an affinity for rabbits and people come from all over for their wiggly-nosed friends’ medical needs.

Let me tell you about the fabulous of vet we have. Dr. Steele  is the kind of person who snuggles her patients as she examines them, and who speaks directly to Leroy and Sherm while she works. Sherman waited mostly patiently for his turn while Leroy was the star attraction. For his part, Leroy was so happy to see his favourite doctor that he didn’t even notice the needle or the thermometer. He just rolled about on the soft towel covering the exam table, purring, drooling, and thinking he’d won the Saturday morning lottery. Dr. Steele just smiles at him, and Leroy becomes a bigger pile of mush than usual.

The whole time Leroy was having his exam and vaccines done, Sherman tried his best to wait patiently for his turn. It was hard for the poor guy while the doctor lavished attention on Leroy; Sherman sat with me at the side of the exam room, watching it all go down. He only whimpered periodically. For once, he didn’t appreciate me rubbing his soft ears because he had his eye on another woman.

To start Sherman’s physical, Dr. Steele crouched to his level and let the spotted one smell her, lick her face, and put his happy head on her shoulder. It was a nice move from an animal doctor, but I’m glad my GP doesn’t start our appointments with kisses and hugs. Much like his feline companion, Sherman was so happy to see his favourite vet that I’m pretty sure she could have have shaved him bald and painted him green, and he would have gladly let her. They have that kind of relationship. It’s a beautiful thing.

In the end, all our mammals are healthy, happy, and not as expensive as they could have been at the vet. I love our clinic because they don’t attempt the “upsell” of all the additional tests and blood panels and animal vitamins other vets I’ve used before seemed to go for. If our boys need medical care, the doctor recommends it and we know it’s necessary, but otherwise the annual visit and vaccines are all we get and all we pay for: the annual exam even includes a round of wormer.

Oh yes, we are the proud owners of strong hearts, good teeth, and uninhabited intestines. Go team!

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