Mammal Mondays: Hide and Seek

Nothing melts my heart quite like watching a big hairy man play with a big hairy dog. Fortunately for me, I have one of each. The Electrician loves to spend quality time with Sherman, and has taught him many things, including a few tricks I’d rather my dog not know. Of all the games they play together, hide and seek is the cutest.

It starts like this: The Electrician calls Sherman to the top of the staircase that leads to the dollhouse basement. He tells the dog to sit and to wait, and then he heads downstairs to hide. Sherman stays, sitting, on the top stair, often quivering with excitement. Since dogs can’t count to 100, he waits until The Electrician whistles, then darts down the stairs to find his dad.

Our basement doesn’t have that many good hiding spots for my husband, partly because he’s not a tiny person, and partly because this is a small house. Sherman plays along really well, considering. I’m certain he knows exactly where The Electrician is hiding–having that very astute spotted nose to go by–but he circles and checks a number of places before officially locating his target. Sometimes, I watch him find The Electrician, pretend he doesn’t see him, then sniff a few more potential hiding places to draw the game out. When he decides to admit he’s won the round, Sherman leaps into a play bow, grins, and waits for his reward: praise and pets.

Once the round is finished and Sherman has had his “good boy” ear scratches, he often turns sharply and thunders back up the stairs. Without being asked to, he sits at the top and waits for The Electrician to pick another spot and whistle to start the hunt. They go like this for eight or nine rounds some days, with Sherm resetting himself on the top stair to indicate he wants to play again.

I’ve tried to play hide and seek with Sherm, but he’s not really willing to play with me. Sure, he will wait on the stairs as usual and comes to find me when I whistle (poorly) but the excitement just isn’t there for him. He finds me immediately, always coming straight to my hiding spot without bothering to pretend he’s not sure where I tucked myself. I’m smaller than The Electrician and can hide in more nooks and crannies, but Sherman finds me as fast as if I stood smack in the centre of the room dangling a strip of bacon. The dog locates me immediately, then returns to “his” spot on the living room carpet and starts gnawing on a hind foot; he never wants to play a second round.

Apparently, The Electrician is more fun than I am.

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  1. Jody says:

    It is totally adorable how Sherman plays hide-and-seek with your hubby!
    I wonder why it is so different with you. Must be the ‘boys’ club!

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