Introducing Mia!

After a six month break from fostering, we have once again opened the dollhouse doors to a dog rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue who is waiting for a forever home. Mia was delivered yesterday by her original foster mom, who was keeping her on her farm. Miss Mia is a dog who has lived in a house before and clearly wants to be in a house–because that’s where the people are–so the higher ups at SCARS sent her our way.

I expected a dog about Sherman’s build and size, since I was told she is a boxer mix. While she’s about his height, Mia is clearly a mix of boxer and something much bigger, like a Mack Truck. I’ve never met such a sturdy little dog before: in fact, I’m pretty sure if we ever break down Mia can tow the truck back home without breaking a pant.

Look at that sweet face.
Look at that sweet face.

My guess on the mix is a boxer/rotti blend, especially because Mia’s tail was docked at some point to a rotti length (poor baby) and her nose is longer than you’d expect on a boxer. Her poor excuse for a tail reminds me of the little pompoms you see on the Charmin bears in those stupid commercials. The little tail nub wiggles pretty much non-stop, but apparently it isn’t enough to express all the joy Mia feels, because if you give her any kind of attention her whole body starts wagging and trembling. She is a sweet, sweet girl and she want’s nothing more than a scratch on the belly or a rub behind the ears.

I don’t have much of a history on Miss Mia, but she has a scarred ear and a slightly crooked face, along with some broken/missing teeth, that suggest life hasn’t always been gentle to her. She is surprisingly gentle for such a beefy creature, and she loves to snuggle up, even if all she can do is lean against an ankle.

I've never seen nicer brindle markings. She is truly stunning.
I’ve never seen nicer brindle markings. She is truly stunning.

Mia is spayed, crate trained, house trained, and walks nicely on a leash. Best estimates place her between two and three years old. She is ready and eager for a family to love her for the rest of her days. Please check out her profile on the SCARS website and, if you’re looking for a gorgeous companion who will offer you unconditional love and loyalty, please consider filling out an adoption application.

Let’s find this pretty girl a new home to start this new year on a high note, shall we?

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