The Off-Site Bakery: Waiting, Again

Thank you for the support and encouragement you sent our way while we waited to learn what the next steps are in our gestational surrogacy process. We are so very fortunate to be surrounded by love and positivity.

Here’s what I know: we are not yet defeated, and we have not yet won. As of today, Dr. Miracle is still waiting to meet with the person who calls the shots due to an incredible series of delays.

The good news is that Dr. Miracle has a clear plan and the process so far is leaning in our favour. He knows why we were shut down and believes he can convince the administrator to reverse the decision. We trust him.

The not as good news is that the decision could still be a firm “no.” If things go that way, The Electrician and I are weighing our options. For now, we’re staying positive and waiting for news in mid-September, when the meeting to discuss our case has been re-re-re-rescheduled. Another month of uncertainty feels like forever today but we’re hoping it passes swiftly.

I will, of course, update the news as I have it. In the meantime, we appreciate your good thoughts, your prayers, and your positive vibes. I really do know the best humans around.


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