Eight Days In

Well, friends, I’m officially on Day 8 of the 21 Day Fix. To be fair, I’m close to being finished Day 8 since today’s workout is complete and I only have one more meal to make: really just measuring out and building a plate from the cooked stuff waiting in my fridge. I think there is a ripe avocado, a thrilling prospect.

So how are things so far?

Something shifted today. Something kind of big.

I was initially dreading today’s workout video since it’s the one that handed my butt to me eight days ago. Remember the grape? Me too. The thought of doing that process all over again doesn’t appeal, but neither does the thought of staying put where I am. So I put on my powerful woman shoes–they’re hot orange–and did the damn workout anyway.

And something amazing happened. I did much better than last time. I didn’t blast through things with my six-pack glistening under the lights like the women in the video, but I also didn’t gasp and stumble like manatee on the verge of expiring. (That’s so last week.) Oh, believe me, there was cussing and sweating and a couple of times I couldn’t make it to the end of a 60 second cardio round. Overall, though, I felt like a champion. A basement-exercising, orange shoe-sporting, I just realized that smell is me champion. Booyah!

After a few days where I really doubted if I could do this, my faith in myself is renewed. I’ve been fighting sugar cravings like Harry battles the Dark Arts, and so far my magic is winning. In fact, I had to go back to Costco last night because I have eaten all the vegetables except the broccoli. I still can’t believe the size of that bag of broccoli. I feel what I think are whispers of change in my relationship to food, which is so very exciting.

How many pounds have I lost? I don’t think that’s critical right now. How about inches; what does the measuring tape say I’ve accomplished? Folks always want to know the numbers of weight loss. They want to quantify fitness, to somehow measure and justify success in concrete terms. I don’t think this is the time for that, for me. Right now, I’m focusing on other kinds of changes.

Like eight days of bang-on clean eating, with no slips. I know I’m going to make mistakes in my meals at some point, but I’m proud of getting through the first (and hardest) stretch sticking to the plan.

I’ve also worked out eight days in a row, no matter how tired, sore, or icky I felt, and this week I have felt all those things in capital letters. I got it done and I’m really proud of that.

2017 is the year I prioritize taking care of me, of putting my health at the top of my checklist every single day. It isn’t easy, but it feels good.


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