For the past seventeen days, I’ve been taking excellent care of myself on The 21 Day Fix. That means seventeen days of planning my meals, measuring them out, and packing them to go. It means seventeen workouts where I snugged up my very orange sneakers and sweated, porcine-esque, in my basement. Most importantly, it means countless opportunities to make better decisions about food and moving my body.

Seventeen isn’t all that big as numbers go. For me, though, it represents the first little steps that are actually huge strides on my road to a healthier me. I’m proud of that.

My body is changing far more rapidly than I expected. I’ve dropped a surprising number of inches so far, and my clothes fit already differently. The right parts are a little flatter and other right parts are a little rounder. I am sore and stiff and loving (almost) every minute of the evidence that my body is getting stronger.

Better than anything though, my mindset is shifting back to one that’s distantly familiar. It’s like someone pressed a big “reset” button and my brain has rebooted. I’m not craving junk food much, except for occasional deep, spiritual yearnings for a little chocolate. Feeling this way is like a return home for me, back to the days when I put my health and well-being first: back to a time when exercise and nutrition were basically automatic parts of my lifestyle.

Seventeen days in, and I’m feeling good on all kinds of levels.

And my sneakers are fabulous.



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