I’m currently unwinding in my post-workout glow, snacking on some incredible fresh blueberries, and celebrating the last evening of The 21 Day Fix, Round One.

It’s been an interesting ride. There have been terrible cravings, workouts that tried to break me but failed, and an impressive number of cuss words. I think I’ve traded swearing for junk food, and my creativity with both vegetables and vocabulary has expanded. What can I say? Burpees bring out my inner sailor.

As for the results, I am now experiencing far fewer urges to snack on unhealthy foods, and (most days) a genuine desire to exercise. My pants are loose and stuff all over is a lot less jiggly.

If you need results stated in numbers, I’m more than seven inches smaller when I total the losses in my major measurement zones. As creepy as it sounds, that’s seven point something inches of me that have disappeared in the last three weeks.

The plan at this point is to go to a slightly less strict program of exercise and healthy eating for ten days, then start another round of The Fix. I need a wee break so I don’t go nuts with all the little containers and the lack of chocolate, and then I’ll start another cycle of kicking my own butt.

Thanks to those of you who’ve been cheering me on. I’m proud of how far I’ve come, ready for a short, active break, and excited to see what I can accomplish in round two.

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