The Off-Site Bakery: Green Light

After months years of frustrations and setbacks, we finally made major progress this week.

The Electrician, Auntie Stork, and I attended our mandatory counselling sessions. It was nerve-wracking, particularly driving there alone with a six thousand and four nervous thoughts in my head, then parking in a very busy area downtown, but it went very well. We were approved to move forward.

Auntie Stork had her medical evaluation with our new reproductive endocrinologist to determine (again) if she is a solid candidate to be a gestational carrier. All signs (still) point to yes, so the clinic has approved our choice of surrogate.

All these things add up to a bright green light. We are go! It’s time to move forward and get a baby baking!

There are a couple months of lady cycle things that have to happen before implantation, so we have a little time to let the excitement build. Believe me when I say it’s already burgeoning.

In the meantime, our lawyer is working on the surrogacy contract, the grandparents to be are eagerly anticipating a new addition to the family about a year from now, and we are planning a baby’s room. After all the waiting and hoping and repeated disappointment, we are so grateful for this positive turn, and feel ready for the huge and tiny stuff we’ll encounter moving forward.

I also might have done a little shopping yesterday. According to my baby research, the little rascals arrive naked, so I invested in a couple wee outfits.

Baby Clothes

Elephants have been my favourite critter forever, and in many cultures they are lucky with their trunks raised. We’re terribly lucky people and we are hoping our luck continues. I couldn’t resist. It’s Winners’ fault, really: such cuteness at such reasonable prices.

At the end of the day, we’re back to waiting. This time, however, we’re waiting for the next big step, which is an actual pregnancy. Thank you to the many people out there who are cheering our little family on. We feel your prayers and positivity, and we appreciate every little bit of the good stuff you’re kind enough to send our way.


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