A Good Day at the Dentist?

As oxymoronic as that might seem, it’s true. I have been dreading this appointment for weeks, reliving all my past dentist office trauma. There are still a number of painful dental events still lurking in my past that I haven’t recorded here at Blue Speckled Pup for your entertainment (because I get the feeling you like to see someone else suffer in the chair) but today I really have nothing new to discuss.

Here’s the ucky part: I spent two and a half hours getting scaled, polished, and having my front tooth repaired where the chip repair I had done in the spring didn’t hold. It was not pretty. My neck and my face ache from sitting there with my mouth propped open like a Hungry Hungry Hippo in the ready position. I’m quite sure I won’t be having anything crunchy or with hot, melted cheese on top for a day or two. My teeth feel like I tried to chomp a tunnel out through the wall of the dentist’s office rather than using the door.

Here’s the great news: there were no needles! I didn’t even cry (much).

I have been dreading today’s appointment to a greater extent than usual mostly because a tiny, dark hole had recently developed on the front side of my left front tooth. That’s the center tooth on my left, not yours, for all those visualizers out there. Ever the worrier about my teeth, I have been checking that little brown spot several times a day for weeks. I was terrified it was a cavity that would soon claim that entire tooth, leaving me with two unsatisfactory options: having a big hillbilly jack-o-lantern gap in my grin, or letting the dentist make me a new fake incisor out of whatever dentists make teeth from. Either way, that little brown spot was definitely up to no good.

When my lovely dentist got to work on my chipped and spotted front tooth, she discovered the little pit was not in my tooth. It was a nick in the porcelain she had formed over my tooth the last time she repaired it that had become stained. Now that the chip at the bottom of my tooth is fixed up again, the little hole of doom is thankfully thing of the past.

No cavities. No needles. Insurance covered everything but seventeen dollars after the dentist repaired the repair for free because it shouldn’t have broken down so quickly. Today really was a good day at the dentist if such a day ever existed.

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  1. Wow! That does sound like a good day! I hope that keeps up!

    1. So far, so good. I am enjoying a smile with all the pieces included.

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