On the Road Again

First, before I explain my fabulous weekend plans, let me add to yesterday’s post by stating that ingesting the little packet in my turkey jerky would have also caused a non-specified digit to drop off, leaving me a nine-fingered teacher. The scenario just seems worse and worse, doesn’t it? Good thing I didn’t eat it. Maybe I should also think about throwing it away.

Moving on, thanks to all the folks who have left encouraging comments this week when I was suffering from a wave of the blues. You can call me Funkmaster Kay; I sound so much hipper that way. Things are improving on my insides, thanks in no small part to my excellent readers. Love you guys.

The Electrician announced on Wednesday that he was tired of seeing me stressed out and exhausted, and that we needed to go away for a weekend to relax. In twenty-four minutes (type faster!) we are pulling away from the dollhouse for a weekend in fabulous Jasper, Alberta. On our way we’ll drop Sherman off at the kennel, which is really more like sleep-away camp for canines. I am really looking forward to spending time with The Electrician without a big pile of report cards or papers or lesson plans whispering to me from my school bag in the corner. My school work whispers on Friday night. By Sunday afternoon it will be singing show tunes with voice like Gilbert Gottfried at a volume like a belt sander.

I charged my camera battery, so I’ll be snapping photos of the majestic rockies as much as I can. As I’ve said before (shameless Alberta shill ahead) if you have never been here to see our mountains, you’re seriously missing out.

I’ll talk to you next after a good meal and some time in the hot tub. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. The Electrician is a good man. And smart. Have fun!

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